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How Roofing Companies In Toronto Help With Attic Ventilation

How Roofing Companies In Toronto Help With Attic Ventilation

Having good air ventilation in a home enhances comfort and health. If you have an unfinished attic, it needs to have adequate airflow as well as ventilation. Many homeowners forget about their attic area and they don’t schedule maintenance work during home improvements. Roofing companies in Toronto can help when you want to improve airflow within the attic area.

Benefits of a well-ventilated attic


Having good ventilation helps to protect the gutters, roof, and attic structure while keeping the energy bills low. It is important that you prevent ice dams from forming because it helps with ventilation. Ice dams happen when you have temperatures within the attic melting the bottom parts of ice and snow that accumulates on the roof. As the snow melts, it will run down the roofing and try to refreeze at the location of eaves. When ice accumulates on eaves it begins to cause damage to gutters, decking, and shingles. In time of summer, you may have the high temperature going too extreme. When this happens, the attic and roofing material will allow heat to reach the home something that makes the family to be uncomfortable. It also pushes the energy bills higher.

Is the attic ventilation poor?

While many homeowners never think of going up the attic space, it is always important you do it. Take a walk and see what’s happening up there. Inspecting the vents helps see if there may be any blockage caused by animal nests, insulation, and other debris. It is through the eaves where most attic ventilation systems draw in their air. When drawn in, the air is pushed out through the top part of attic space in the ridge or roof vents.

If you have higher energy bills, it could indicate a problem with ventilation. Stuffy upstairs rooms in time of summer and the development of ice dams are other signs of poor ventilation. Ice dams are actually the obvious sign. If the snow is first melting from the roof’s middle part than the eaves, that could also indicate poor ventilation. Talk to a roofer that understands how attic space relates with the roof structure and have an inspection conducted.

How roofing contractors can help

If there are signs that the attic ventilation within the home is poor, you should schedule an inspection. A roofing contractor will measure vents’ square footage including the intake and exhausts as well as the attic size and determine if the space has adequate vents. The vents should also be located in the right places to allow optimal airflow.

If there are damages occurring within the roof that may be contributing to attic ventilation problems, the contractor will look at them. If there is sufficient ventilation within the attic but the temperatures are fluctuating, it may occur due to inadequate insulation or air leaks emanating from the attic floor or living spaces. A roofer should at least identify where the ventilation problem is coming from and the solution.

Reputable roofing companies in Toronto can address your attic ventilation problems and any other issue with the roof that may be causing ventilation issues or damages to the home structure.

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